New Lendscape and Lenvi Riskfactor Partnership Brings Real-time Risk Management to the Commercial Finance Market

Lendscape, the world’s leading technology provider for all forms of secured finance, and Lenvi Riskfactor, the global leader in risk and fraud analytics for commercial finance, team up to offer enhanced digital risk management for finance providers across their entire lending operation.

Combining Lendscape’s market-leading lending technology with Lenvi Riskfactor’s advanced, real-time credit risk analytics, the partnership will result in a fully integrated risk management platform that allows lenders to:

·         Detect and prevent fraud quickly and effectively, leveraging real-time data and automation  

·         View key loan book performance and risk information in one solution

·         Use intuitive dashboards and alerts to spot deteriorating risk profiles and unusual activity

·         Deliver better customer experiences and innovate for loyal customers

Through this partnership, Lendscape and Lenvi Riskfactor seek to address the growing demands of the lending industry. The end-to-end solution will enable lenders to assess creditworthiness more accurately and make faster, smarter lending decisions throughout the lending lifecycle – from application to loan monitoring.

"Finance providers have to respond to market conditions and changes in borrower behaviours faster than ever before in order to keep pace with customers’ needs. We are therefore excited to join forces with Lenvi Riskfactor in bringing an unparalleled lending platform to the market," said Kevin Day, CEO of Lendscape. "This partnership allows us to give providers a more holistic view of creditworthiness, empowering them to work smarter, optimise their lending operations and ultimately unlock more working capital for their SME customers."

Richard Carter, Chief Executive of Lenvi added, "We are thrilled to strengthen our relationship with Lendscape. This collaboration, and the integration of our revolutionary mix of workflow technology and next-level credit risk analytics with Lendscape’s powerful lending technology, represents a major step forward in advancing the commercial finance industry's capabilities. We’re excited about the opportunity to help lenders make more confident decisions and better protect their assets.”

Lendscape and Lenvi Riskfactor are both committed to continuous innovation and will work closely together to further enhance their joint offering over time, introducing new features and capabilities in response to evolving client and market needs

For further information about Lendscape, please contact:

Iain Gomersall
Content & Communications Manager, Lendscape