Lendscape serves clients all over the world

Our invoicing and receivables technology provides a complete end to end processing solution that grows with the needs of your business. Over 85,000 man days have gone into developing and building the core invoicing and receivables module, representing a multi million pound investment.

We work with businesses of all sizes:

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For startups

Lendscape enables startups to offer innovative solutions and is proven to dramatically reduce the time to market for new offerings.

Smaller companies have been able to increase deal values by up to 100%, whilst at the same time benefiting from our tailored platform pricing.

For medium size businesses

Our medium size business customers have been able to increase operational efficiency and dramatically reduce processing times.

Lendscape also enables a reduction in overall IT support costs, typically requiring less integration support and system support than competing solutions.

Medium sized businesses

Enterprise business

For enterprise businesses

Enterprise businesses rely on Lendscape to meet their regulatory requirements, including the risk of regulatory non compliance.

Lendscape enables large businesses to reduce operational, market and counterparty risks whilst increasing efficiency and labour costs.

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