Unlock data-driven invoice finance and say goodbye to month-end reconciliations.

Lendscape CONNECT is an innovative invoice finance solution that digitalises and automates operations for banks and lenders, reducing costs and enhancing risk management.

Replace complex manual processes with secure access to clients' accounting data, a detailed view of the sales ledger that always matches your clients' records, and automated tracking and calculation of dilutions and disapprovals - eliminating the need for month-end reconciliations and saving ~ 4 hours per client, per month.

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Operations Efficacy Through Digitalisation

Zero time spent on month-end reconciliation
Your view of the sales ledger always matches the client’s, eliminating the need for month-end reconciliations.


All the control, none of the hassle
Enjoy the day-to-day simplicity of invoice discounting with the risk control of factoring.


More clients, with greater risk control
Enhanced reporting and analysis, and granular, timely risk management – at scale.

Service Desk

Better lending experiences
Reduce friction and workload for clients, and give them full visibility of their funding position.

Connecting the dots for better business finance

  • Secure connection to data directly from clients’ accounting packages
  • Provides granular sales ledger data for superior reporting, data analysis, and risk management
  • Cashflow tracking shows you cash receipts booked by the client vs cash in the bank
  • Clients gain a clear view of their funding position via our Client Portal
  • Automatically synchs your view of the sales ledger with your clients’
  • Automated disapprovals include calculations for age, concentration, and debtor-level funding limits
  • Seamless integration with all major accounting software packages
  • Built on Lendscape’s market-leading, trusted technology

How Lendscape CONNECT works

How Lendscape CONNECT works

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