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Lendscape's Document Management system is an online document repository that enables banks, lenders and their customers to upload, store, and manage documents easily and securely. Built to streamline and digitalise operations, integration points across Lendscape’s Document Management system helps support activities, including: invoice verification, attaching invoice image and proof of delivery to Ledger Items, Know Your Customer (KYC) activities, capturing Company House Information, Credit Reports to hold alongside Parties, or Debtor Accounts.

Assist Invoice verification

Add documents to invoices as Ledger Items. Documents can also be attached as proof, alongside additional requirements, if Invoice Verification is set for the Debtor.

Allow Clients to add documents to Ledger Items through their Client Portal – these can be added to an individual Invoice or schedules with Items that previously failed verification.

Work smarter with portfolio documents

  • Rapid retrieval of the information you need
  • Full encryption and two-fold operational and risk security
  • Manages multiple document types - speeding up funding decisions
  • Reduce your environmental impact
  • Speed up customer credit checks
  • Self-serve functionality, with better user-experience
  • JSR-283 compliant allowing integration with other DMS

Contextualising - to understand every party's role

Document Managementl Screenshot Lendscape 2022 2

The system allows the party to be given a role as a client, debtor or service company in an agreement portfolio. That means that the party is included in that relevant context, that's also where documents are available.

Some of our technology partners

"We underwent a thorough appraisal of the solutions available to factoring companies and it was clear to us that only Lendscape had the tools, the people and the experience to meet our needs."
Ben Lindberg, Head of Finance & Control (CFO)
Nordea Finance