ESG at Lendscape

At Lendscape, we seek to drive positive change for our colleagues, clients, the community and environment. We’ve won trust and long-lasting business success through our focus on doing the right thing, and continually challenge ourselves to do more for the good of society.

cycling at Lendscape

Our environmental commitment

We are committed to working with clients, partners and suppliers to reduce our environmental footprint and plan for a net-zero future. In addition to using renewable energy in our data centres and purchasing carbon offsets, our initiatives include:

  • Reducing office energy consumption: our London headquarters is an energy-efficient office, built and furnished using sustainable materials and including with sustainability measures including passive infrared (PIR) lighting, variable refrigerant flow (VRF) air conditioning.
  • Managing travel carbon emissions: we’ve embraced remote working and technology, reducing the need for employees to travel. We also offer a cycle-to-work scheme to encourage greener, healthier commuting.
  • Moving towards sustainable procurement: we aim to take responsibility for, and be transparent about, our position in the supply chain. This includes working with suppliers who are committed to sustainable development and have secure environmental and CSR policies in place
  • Reducing non-recyclable waste: we recycle materials where possible and have taken steps to reduce the amount of waste produced by the business.

Carbon Footprint Standard – CO2e Assessed Organisation

To understand our carbon footprint and begin our sustainability journey, we committed to Carbon Footprint Standard assessments to track our organisation's carbon footprint using internationally recognised methodologies.

Lendscape CFS CO2e Assessed Organistation

Carbon Footprint Standard – Carbon Neutral Organisation

Following a recent audit, we have been awarded 'Carbon Footprint Standard – Carbon Neutral Organisation' status. Lendscape is developing its longer-term net zero plans and aims to help our clients with achieving their net zero targets too.

Lendscape Carbon Footprint Standard – Carbon Neutral Organisation

EcoVadis - Committed Rating

Lendscape has committed to tracking and reporting the progress of its ESG programme with the assessment platform EcoVadis - observing our policies, actions, and results. After a recent evaluation, we are pleased to announce that we have earned a 'Committed' rating.

Lendscape EcoVadis Committed Rating
"At Lendscape, we're increasingly conscious of the impact our business can have on people, communities and the environment. We hold ourselves accountable to high standards of governance, and we're passionate about contributing to a better future."
Kevin Day, CEO

Supporting people and communities

We’ve developed a culture of innovation and collaboration that puts people at the heart of our success. We believe in enabling our teams to fulfil their potential, putting our core values into action and leveraging our expertise and resources to support others.

Lendscape supports several community initiatives and charitable work in the form of sponsorships, donations and the funding of educational projects. We also encourage our people to help community groups and charities, providing employees five volunteer days for causes close to their hearts.

Lendscape team speaking at merton college open day

Diversity and Inclusion

At Lendscape, we value diversity and do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. We believe people thrive when treated with respect, dignity and understanding, and we are committed to providing an inclusive, positive environment where all team members can flourish.

ESG Hpd Lendscape Team - diversity and inclusion

Ethics, Integrity and Compliance

Our policy is to conduct all of our business honestly and ethically. We take a zero-tolerance approach to policy breaches and are committed to acting professionally, fairly, and with integrity in all our business dealings and relationships.

We always observe our Code of Conduct when dealing with suppliers, clients and employees. Every person working for Lendscape, or on behalf of the company, is expected to understand and follow our Code of Conduct:

  • Be honest and act with integrity at all times
  • Act fully within the law
  • Do not accept bribes or other inducements that may sway decision making
  • Be responsible and expose any unethical dealings

For information on our approach to data privacy, security and compliance please visit our Trust and Compliance page.

Ethics Integrity And Compliance at Hpd Lendscape

Our Code of Conduct

You can view further details from our full Code of Conduct below:

Bribery and Corruption
Money Laundering
Conflicts of Interest
Reporting and Financial Integrity
Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking
Health and Safety
Disclosure of Concerns
Our Relationships with Suppliers and Partners

Bribery and Corruption

All forms of bribery, fraud and corruption are strictly prohibited. Lendscape employees must not participate in bribery or fraudulent activity, including offering, promising, giving, accepting or seeking a bribe, or colluding with other parties to commit fraud either against or involving the Company.

It is the responsibility of all of our employees to immediately raise any potential concerns around bribery or potentially fraudulent irregularities with the Company, which they can do so anonymously, and to not threaten or retaliate against another person who has refused to offer or accept a bribe or who has themselves raised concerns about possible bribery, fraud or corruption.

Money Laundering

Lendscape will not engage in any transaction which we know or suspect involves the proceeds of criminal activity. Our employees are required to take steps to minimise the risk of inadvertent participation in transactions involving the proceeds of criminal activity and are required to be alert to circumstances which may give rise to a suspicion of money laundering activity.

Conflicts of Interest

We encourage employees to avoid, and where necessary declare to Lendscape, any conflicts of interest or activities arising against the interests of the company. Conflicts of interest may arise through business connections, former or future employers, through spouses, partners, children and family trusts. We require that no employee shall use inside information gained through employment with Lendscape for their own advantage or for that of a friend or relative or any other person.

Reporting and Financial Integrity

Lendscape’s transactions must be duly recorded so as to permit preparation of clear financial statements in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles.

Modern slavery and human trafficking

Lendscape has a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery and is committed to enforcing effective systems and controls to ensure that modern slavery and human trafficking are not taking place anywhere within either its own business or in any of its supply chains, consistent with its obligations under the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

The Company expects the same high standards from all of its suppliers, contractors and other business partners and, as part of its contracting processes, it includes specific prohibitions against the use of modern slavery, and expects that its suppliers will in turn hold their own suppliers to the same standards.

Health and Safety

Lendscape is committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees, visitors and contractors. We want to provide the best workplace environment to increase and preserve our staff wellbeing and expect all partner organisations, suppliers, contractors, staff and visitors to comply with the law and the organisations’ own requirements on Health and Safety.

We will consider and provide for the Health and Safety needs of the public and the community in any external activities. Employees and anyone associated with Lendscape are encouraged to share the responsibility for Health and Safety at work.

Disclosure of concerns

We are committed to a working environment in which employees feel able to voice their concerns, and encourage any employee who suspects a contravention of the Code to raise it accordingly. Employees can speak directly to their line manager, talk to an independent and trusted senior manager or can make contact with the People Team. Anyone raising a concern in good faith will not be criticised or penalised in any way.

Our Relationships with Suppliers and Partners

We deal with a wide range of suppliers of goods and services, including professional advisers and consultants. All suppliers should be treated with fairness at all times. Lendscape will make all reasonable efforts to comply with applicable local laws of the countries where we do business and is committed to ensuring that that we:

  • are not complicit, or complicit by association, in human rights abuses
  • do not transact with suppliers who cannot satisfy our required standards with regards to labour and welfare conditions, health and safety, environmental management, information security or data protection, or who have not given a commitment to achieve these standards within an agreed time-frame
  • make procurement decisions on the basis of ethical standards, quality, service, price, delivery, best value and other similar factors
  • observe high ethical standards in all transactions with suppliers. Any corrupt, improper or unethical behaviour in dealings with suppliers is prohibited.