Lendscape launches new asset finance offering

Lendscape, a global leader in secured finance technology, today announced the launch of Lendscape Asset Finance, a new solution designed to help banks and lenders boost productivity by streamlining everyday administrative tasks.

Cloud native and digital-ready, Lendscape's features include an intuitive UI, asset-level accounting, and the ability to manage all leases and loans on a single platform.

"It's been a tough two years for asset finance, and the landscape is evolving rapidly", comments Steve Taplin, Managing Director at Lendscape. "We're launching Lendscape because we believe using legacy systems to address current and future challenges won't work - the industry deserves a modern solution built for the times."

Using leading edge integration protocols to connect easily with other systems, Lendscape Asset Finance enables lenders to update workflows and accelerate their digitalisation plans regardless of existing infrastructure or data formats. The solution's API-first design provides the flexibility and scalability to realise lenders' growth ambitions.

Taplin continues, "Lendscape was built with the needs of our clients and their customers in mind, to make asset finance simpler, smarter and easier. We've combined decades of industry expertise with new technologies and Design Thinking to deliver a truly modern asset finance system; one that will enable lenders to move beyond the constraints of legacy systems, improve productivity and win customer trust and loyalty."

Compass Business Finance will be the first client to benefit from the new solution.

Director Mark Nelson states, "The move to Lendscape is part of our commitment to innovation and customer-led growth. The Lendscape team worked with us in an agile, collaborative way from the start to ensure that the solution would support our teams in providing exceptional customer service, with the flexibility and scale to meet the future needs of our growing business. We look forward to leveraging Lendscape to deliver the best possible experience for our teams and customers."

Lendscape Asset Finance is a new kind of contract management system. Here’s how it’s unique:

  • A single platform for managing all leases and loans
  • Asset-level accounting: makes it easy to accurately calculate partial settlements and supports full lifetime asset management
  • Task-based UI: intuitive screens provide an up-to-date user experience, guiding you through the steps involved in regular tasks and reducing the risk of error
  • Mid-life contract change automation: make changes in minutes instead of days, with a before/after audit for all changes
  • Adheres to the latest accounting standards, supporting regulatory compliance
  • Flexible, reportable data model: configure screens and reports easily to track additional information where you need it within the system
  • SaaS solution deployed in the public cloud: instantly accessible, with no reliance on your IT teams or infrastructure
  • 100% API-first: accessible, documented, and testable APIs support swift integration
  • Modular, microservice architecture: offering independently scalable, substitutable services, fault isolation and the ability to quickly launch new features.

With the launch of Asset Finance, Lendscape becomes the world’s first unified platform for all forms of secured lending.

“Our vision is to offer banks and lenders a comprehensive, end to end solution to support all forms of secured lending,” comments Taplin. “Lendscape has a strong track record in building world-class technology, enabling our clients to provide much-needed finance to the business world. I’m excited about what this new solution will deliver for asset finance.”

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