Bibby Financial Services accelerates digital transformation plans with Lendscape

We're delighted to announce that Bibby Financial Services (BFS) has migrated their Singapore operations to the latest version of Lendscape.


The move - aimed at streamlining BFS lending operations and improving the user and client experience - has already generated benefits including:


·         Enhanced self-service and access to real-time information for Singapore clients,

·         A simpler user and client journey, with intuitive screens and forms,

·         Automation of processes including cash allocation, issuing of tax invoices and reminder letters, calculation of introducer commission, and more.


The locally-managed platform offers a modernised, much-improved user and customer experience. The new client portal also integrates with Lendscape, enabling clients to manage their accounts more simply and conveniently while reducing manual processing across teams. 


“This was a collaborative effort and a significant milestone in our BFS 4.0 strategy to become a leading international provider of financial solutions for SMEs with a digital, multi-channel delivery and operational platform,” comments Richard Olver, Chief Operating Officer, BFS. “Lendscape’s innovative, tried-and-tested technology gives us the flexibility and scalability to keep pace with the changing needs of our business and customers. We also had the confidence of working with an experienced technology partner who understands how we operate and what we’re trying to achieve. We’re now better placed than ever to provide SMEs in Asia with flexible, innovative financing solutions that help them to grow and thrive.”


Following the success of this migration, Bibby Financial Services’ French operations are set to migrate to the latest version of Lendscape later in 2023.


“We are delighted with the success of the project, and to continue supporting BFS and their customers,” said Kevin Day, CEO of Lendscape. “We have a shared commitment to use technology and data to deliver better business financing, and the migration to the latest version of Lendscape enables BFS to provide their clients in Singapore with simpler, more convenient access to cash flow while effectively reducing the administrative burden on their teams."


For further information about Lendscape, please contact:

Iain Gomersall
Content & Communications Manager, Lendscape