8th Annual Alternative & Receivables Finance Forum


23rd - 24th November 2022

Event Date:

23rd - 24th November 2022

The Alternative and Receivables Finance Forum focuses on current, new and avant-garde finance systems outside traditional banking, which have potential to replace financial institutions in their current format.

This year's event will investigate:

  • The gateways for banks and other traditional liquidity providers to move into this space.
  • Could we be on the verge of alternative finance becoming mainstream?
  • Will decentralised finance become a new major source of delivering liquidity to the trade and receivables finance sector?
  • How will other technologies continue to impact traditional markets?
  • What can banks do to remain competitive and what are the practicalities of investing in the new technologies?

This November we will bring together panels of expert commentators from across the banking, fintech and non-banking finance sectors to discuss the opportunities set out by the new wave of innovative solutions and why banks, insurers, traditional platforms and others should take notice.

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Marcus Batson

Sunny Bhachu

Kieran Murray

Becky Roberts

More details and information on the event here.