SG Finans Factoring Testimonial

Kjell Opheim of SG Finans Factoring discusses how HPD Software and the Aquarius solution have been the ideal partners for enhancing their business processes while also expanding into the mobile solution market.

SG Finans is one of the leading factoring companies in Norway and provides a range of factoring solutions to clients including:

  • Recourse factoring
  • Stock finance
  • Invoice discounting
  • Export factoring
“We are one of the leading factoring companies in Norway with over 6 Billion Euros turnover and handle over 2.5 million invoices per year.”
Kjell Opheim

In this video testimonial Kjell talks about:

  • The importance of long term effective support
  • Improvement of internal processes that the Lendscape platform has provided
  • The stability of the platform
  • HPD support and professional services
  • The benefits of becoming the first factoring in Norway to provide a mobile solution with the Lendscape platform