Receivables finance: the voice of the industry report

With many organisations seeing a marked deterioration in their cash flow during the pandemic, we wanted to gain an in-depth understanding of how the UK receivables market is faring in these challenging conditions – and what the future might hold for providers everywhere.

To create the report investigating the future of the market, an independent consultancy would conduct a series of interviews with senior decision-makers from across the UK receivables industry. While every participant in the study shared their own unique – and sometimes differing – insights, the views have been compiled into a report which represents a concise summary of the issues dominating the collective receivables mindset.

While some providers may choose to explore other opportunities, respondents were confident there will be growth in the year ahead as they seek to gain a competitive advantage and greater value from their technology investments. The foundation for stronger and more user-friendly products and propositions may also emerge from new models or approaches.

The following key themes are covered in the report:

  • Pandemic recovery
  • Re-focusing of lending propositions and the rise of independents
  • The emergence of new models and solutions
  • Technology to address profitability challenges