Maintaining an optimistic outlook for Brexit

Looking ahead to the dreaded Brexit, I’m optimistic when it comes to the potential opportunities it can bring. Brexit remains at the forefront of a huge number of challenges small businesses are set to face in the coming year, but the best way to combat the dreaded ‘uncertainty’ is with a strong international presence and by building solid relationships with clients – here in the UK and around the world. We refuse to be dragged down by the Brexit ‘doom and gloom’, and instead plan to tackle the issue head on. We believe our longstanding client-centric, international approach to business will be key to winning the ‘Brexit battle’ and will position Lendscape for future success. As a truly global company, we conduct just under half of all of our business in EU countries and – even before the referendum – had plans to continue its global growth.

Naturally, we are mindful of potential barriers to doing business in the EU post-Brexit, but like all companies we have back-up plans and strategies to avoid any disruption to our loyal customers, regardless of which countries the operate in. More than 15 per cent of our staff are EU citizens, the majority of which are based in the UK. And many are true technical specialists – helping to drive the business forward. We are keen to continue welcoming a myriad of talent into our growing business, and feel confident that our politicians will find a workable solution.